Juicy, Fresh and Eclectic with a French twist (no beret needed)

Suzette drinks G&T and throws frisky looks all around. She loves cherry clafoutis, silk scarves, and laughing out loud. She never goes out without a few drops of perfume and her handbag – at times oversized tote to carry her essentials, at times super girly clutch, for those days that feel like promising evenings are on the map.

Suzette is a little cheeky, a little too chatty, always sparkly. In France and beyond, she brushes cliches off, even though she exudes a French “je-ne-sais-quoi”, from the way she wears red lippy to how she plays with her femininity.

Suzette loves parties, crepes, raclette and frolicking. Suzette loves people who make beautiful “things”, whose creations feel good or do good. Suzette loves artists. Suzette just loves life. Simply. Vivaciously.

Geraldine Rey & Nelly Reffet aka “Suzette”

At Suzette Collective, we like doing things a little differently, blending experience and skills, with a casual-chic – at times a little quirky, always professional – approach and aesthetic that we can only attribute to our French heritage.

We love original live music and the people behind it. Musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, producers, and other doers of beautiful, insightful things, who make our heart jump out of our chest so much that we want to shout their names from the rooftop: we embrace them… and we connect them.

We love events too: the vision, the planning, the head-scratching, the deadlines, the nail-biting, the “think fast on your feet”, the excitement, the amazement, the fun, and the huge sense of satisfaction (and relief) as the event concludes. We love seeing the twinkle in guests’ eyes as our entertainers take them on a journey, be it covers that everyone sings along to, incredible magic tricks, or the powerful words of an inspiring MC. All of that is our jam, and one of the sweetest kind.

With international and Australian backgrounds in Music and Arts management, marketing and VIP relations, we are able to offer a wide range of services, from artist management, strategy and PR, to talent bookings and event production.