Farraday’s Cage, Pop-Soul Duo

Inspired by classic R&B, soul and jazz standards, the pop-soul of Farraday’s Cage has the smooth, intimate feel of syncopated rhythms and rich melodies, with deep emotion, big ideas, introspection and a warm musical aesthetic very much at the core of their style. But rather than a simple regurgitation of a vintage sound, Farraday’s Cage find the contemporary expression for those touchpoints, from experimental instrumentation to the translation of old-fashioned narratives into themes that are authentic to music fans in 2020. The very Australian understatedness of their performances makes for a delightful, easygoing experience, while the subtleties and sonic intricacies are there for those who want to listen deeper.

Combining the individual talents of songwriter, producer, instrumentalist and effortlessly cool musician Calvin Bennett with the vivacious, versatile and heart-touching personality of topliner and vocalist Farraday Tween, Farradayโ€™s Cage make for a dynamic, soulful duo that reminds in some ways of Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse.ย 

Old souls on young shoulders, Farradayโ€™s Cage have already received critical acclaim and local industry accolades in WA – including nomination for the WAM Awards four years running. They have also received support from Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe, shared stages with San Cisco and found international streaming success.